Monday, April 24, 2017

Self-Discovery thro Poetry Session

Participants at the Self-discovery thro' Poetry session with Carol Boland, Poetry Therapist, produced this amazing group poem 

Sunday Afternoon

Because you were there
when despair for the world
comes a knocking on the door
she remembers what she is trying
very hard to forget
my dreams have taken the scenic route
so here, lets open those cage doors
undisturbed by roaming, hungry foxes.
Maybe my real mind is telling the truth
I fear for it because it has no defence
calming blues and light pinks
make time to smell the roses
simple things yet special
it’s too cold to lie down
where the wood drake rests.

Participants: Maire, Bernie, Peter, Phil, Carmel, Mary, Edward, Jazz, Veronica, Jacinta, Gerry and Mitzie.


Lennon Centre

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