Friday, June 30, 2017

The Lake - a lesson on objective correlative!

The Lake

The water was warmer than he expected
tingles from head to toe
two by two they danced
and I close my eyes remembering
the reeds swaying in the gentle breath
of the soft zephyr.

The swan and his mate swam across the lake
with sharp shining eyes like flint
the gentle ripples belied a passion
which lay underneath
butterflies danced in my stomach
something moved deep within my soul
deep, deep down forever.

I am the centre of the maelstrom
I am the eye of this discrete hurricane
there is a drama here that isn't easy
do I really ever want to return
to the real world?
The surface sheen holds all my attention
in its diamond gloss -
am I being seduced?

Group poem written by 15 Gorey Writers at our end of season session on 29/6/17. It is around the emotion of love.

Another great year of writing and friendship.