Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happy Festive Season

We are delighted to be asked by Gorey Library to give a reading on Thursday 22 January 2015 at 7.30 in Gorey Library. Join in by reading one of your own poems, too.
Refreshments afterwards courtesy of Gorey Library.

All welcome

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Noah and the Snowflake Princess by Caroline Busher

Noah and the Snowflake Princess by Caroline Busher
Caroline's story was chosen for the final of the Bord Gais Energy Book Club short story competition which was held in conjunction with TV3. The contest which took place in December attracted writers from all over Ireland. Caroline describes her entry "Noah and the Snowflake Princess" as "a modern day fairytale that deals with issues such as homelessness, poverty and the importance of family."

Once upon a time there was a girl made entirely of snow. She wore a beautiful silver coat woven from icicles. Her eyes were bright blue like whirlpools. Her skin was made from pearls and her hair was as white as a Polar Bear and on her head she wore a crown of diamonds. Her name was Saskia the Snowflake Princess. Each year Santa sent her drifting magically through the sky like a shooting star to find a special child to help him to deliver all the toys to the boys and girls in time for Christmas. The brightest star in the sky shone on the spot where the child lived. However, this year was different the star did not shine on a rooftop, instead it shone on a doorway and a homeless boy called Noah who lay huddled beneath an old blanket. He was six years old and was shivering in the cold. As Saskia landed at his feet a silver tear fell from her eye and immediately turned to ice. Noah looked at Saskia in amazement; she was the tiniest girl he had ever seen. No bigger than his thumb, as she smiled at him she shone brightly like a lamp. Suddenly he began to feel warm again. Saskia asked Noah to open his hands and she floated into them. As he did so Noah felt his feet being lifted from the ground and before he knew what was happening he was flying through the sky. All around him were snowflake children. They flew over rivers and oceans, past villages and towns until they arrived at the North Pole. As they landed on the ground Noah saw that a celebration was taking place. Tiny elves danced around a Christmas tree. He was given the finest clothes made of gold and food fit for a king. But the greatest surprise of all was waiting for him. Saskia led him through an enchanted forest with reindeers in it towards a wooden hut and knocked on the door.
As Noah entered the room he could hardly believe his eyes. There in front of him sat Santa.
“Noah my precious child you have arrived. I have been watching you. You are a good child and I know that you haven’t got a home of your own. If you would help me to deliver the toys to all the children in the world. I will give you the special gift of a family. You will wake up on Christmas morning with a mother and father who love you. Because Christmas is about being with people who care for you. That matters more than all the toys in the world.
“Oh Santa” cried Noah;

“That would be wonderful. Imagine my own mother and father and a place to call home. So remember whenever you see a snowflake falling from the sky on Christmas Eve it might be Saskia the Snowflake Princess coming to make your dreams come true.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all.
We are back in the Gorey Library on thursday 16 January 2014 for another session on writing and reading poems, short stories and anything you feel like!

Congrats to Shalina who read her story on RTE's Storytime. Here is the link to hear her for yourself