Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gorey Writers Group Poem

Our last meeting of the year was small in number but large in talent, and we managed to eat and drink our way through all the party food!

Here is a group poem written on the night:

The Well

Look into the well
deep into its light
look into the well
the light is flickering
in the darkness
look into the well
its drummaun or sheeraun
write it down
look into the well
hopes cradle in a precious flame
look into the well
deep into the well.

Aideen, Colm, Grace and Carol

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Party Time at Gorey Writers

The last session of 2012 will be held on thursday 6 December 2012.

There will be cake and biscuits and whatever you bring yourself . . .

Carol will try and lead the unruly group!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Poems on Art

Some exciting news from Enniscorthy Castle ...

Enniscorthy Castle is adding an extra twist to the [National Art] exhibition by encouraging people to compose a piece of poetry to accompany each piece of art, and the most appropriate will be printed, mounted and displayed beside the relevant piece [when the exhibition visits Enniscorthy Castle this December].

This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone to compose a short poem and submit for inclusion with this exciting exhibition.

The catalogue of of art pieces is available for download from www.scalltamedia.com/elements/Elements-Catalogue.pdf.
Please review before composing your poem. It is 2M in size.

There are 40 pieces of art - 38 paintings and 2 sculptures.

Poems to be sent to Enniscorthy Castle (NOT SCALLTA MEDIA) via info@enniscorthycastle.ie by Monday, 26th November.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gorey Writers read on Poetry Day

Congrats to all those who read on Poetry Day in Gorey Library. The evening was a great success
with many people coming to hear us read, and reading some of their own and their favourite poems.
Thanks to Gorey Library for the invitation and for the welcomed refreshments.

Did anyone take any picutres?

Launch of The Overture by Carol Boland

A big thank-you to the Gorey Writers
for their support for my first poetry book
The Overture.

Gorey Writers reading as Cosmic Gardens WAF May 12

Friday, June 29, 2012

End of season round-up

The Gorey Writers have had a great year.
Our move to Gorey Library has given us a new momentum. The light and airy private room is the perfect meeting place for us, and we are grateful to Gorey County Council for its use. 

New members joined us throughout the year, and we now have approximately 16 active members who come to our lively fortnightly sessions: some  every session, others when they can.

This year we usually had 6 to 8 writers each session, with a different mix of writers each time. This makes for interesting discussions with the focus moving from poetry to short stories to plays, depending on the group.

We are now closed for the summer but will be back in September 2012.
Keep an eye on Facebook and this blog for starting date.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Gorey Writers in The Scaldy Detail 2011

Phelim and Carol at Scaldy Detail
launch in Enniscorthy library 5/1/12
Scaldy Detail 2011

The following poems by Gorey writers Phelim Kavanagh and Carol Boland have been included in The Scaldy Detail 2011 Anthology of New Writing from County Wexford :

Wave's in Eight's

Students surf on sea and neon
free of college parcel
and good counsel
take their coffee late
swap their morning juice
experiment with flavour
learn to coast
under the lifeguard's radar.

The fall comes, an ocean
gives away degrees,
back to the old school
formal swimming pools
caught in a ripcurl
class and timetables rule.

Phelim Kavanagh

The blue mountain

A spit of snow lies on Croghan’s face
jilted after the cold snap
that left parishes standing
like Miss Havisham in her mottled gown.

It needs snow to move snow, they say
so in expectation I watch for a battleship sky
to snag itself on the blue peak
scarred by chainsaw
damaged forests, promises
while below me 
the river Bann cuts
through reeds and
green willow as
I trace the line of its curve,
rush of shallows
silence of its deep
imagine how it feels to walk
over mud-raked copper fields
and slip into the naked water
step by step.

Back on the road again
I stand at an altered hedgerow
swollen with marigold gloves
broken bottles, crushed vows
gather them up for the tip.

Carol Boland